Concrete floors are prone to expanding and contracting with changes in temperature and stress from hard wheeled traffic. Expansion joints are gaps between the concrete that allow the floor to move. These joints are frequent places for deterioration and expansion joint damage is a common problem in industrial warehouses. Concrete expansion joints are placed at predetermined intervals to help to control this. These joints allow the weakened areas of concrete to crack in a straight line reducing structural damage to the concrete floor. However, over time these joints can lose their functionality no longer absorbing the impact they were designed for.  This failure results in cracks which if left untreated can cause more severe damage like holes to appear in the floor. Having the concrete slab joints repaired timely can help bring your floor back to its former glory and increase productivity in your business.  

Maintaining your Concrete Floor 

Taking a pro-active approach to repairing your concrete slab joints will ensure that the cost of repairs is kept to a minimum. Regular maintenance and repair of your floor will ensure its long-term performance. A crack in the joint is much easier to repair than a hole. If too much damage is done, over time the structure of the floor could be affected.  

Swiftly repairing your industrial concrete floor joint will: 

  • Minimise further damage. 
  • Add life span to the concrete floor 
  • Comply with health and safety regulations 
  • Protect your employees from trip hazards 
  • Ensure your concrete floor is structurally safe. 
  • Minimise damage to industrial vehicles 
  • Improve the durability and appearance of the floor 
  • Reduce damage to stock caused by uneven flooring. 
  • Provide a flat, safe, hardwearing and hygienic floor. 

How we repair your industrial concrete slab joint. 

Our team of highly skilled industrial concrete flooring contractors will ensure the best possible result is achieved. We survey the area to assess movement in the floor and look at why the problem occurred in the first place.  Once we know the why we will carry out the best method for that particular job. The damaged concrete is removed, cleared of any loose debris, primed and filled with a hardwearing, durable flexible resin. This is then sealed to prevent water, chemicals or debris to be absorbed into the floor. Our methods ensure a hardwearing, smooth flat floor of the highest standard possible. If required we can return on day two when the resin has cured to finish the area to the colour and texture you require to match the aesthetics of the warehouse. 

Why repair your concrete slab joint? 

Cracks and holes in the concrete can weaken the overall structure of the floor and slow down productivity. Once a crack or hole has arisen without repair it is only going to get worse and problems can quickly spread throughout the floor. As well as being a trip hazard in the workplace, they can also cause costly repair to vehicles and damage to goods. 

Concrete Flooring Repair Contractors 

Contact Flooring are a reputable industrial floor maintenance contractor experienced in carrying out concrete repairs using a variety of different products and methods. Our work is of a very high standard, delivered on time and on budget. Our highly skilled team will carry out site visits, surveys and repairs ensuring a structurally sound concrete floor. We carry out industrial floor repairs including concrete joint repair at warehouses, factories, sites and units all over the UK.