What is warehouse concrete floor grinding? 

Warehouse concrete floor grinding is a process in which large surface areas of concrete floor can be prepared and flattened. At Contact flooring we use industrial mechanical grinders to create a smooth flat and even finish. Our floor grinders use horizontal discs which rotate rapidly to polish down rough surfaces and smooth rough edges to fully level the concrete.  All concrete surfaces can be ground down with the right equipment and skills. 

Why choose to have your industrial concrete floor grinded? 

Concrete floor grinding is the solution for uneven floors.  Floor flatness is very important in warehouses where there are many challenges such as efficiency and space. If the floor is not dead level this can put parts of the floor under stress which could lead to breakdowns and costly maintenance of trucks. The end result produces a flat floor, which will allow for optimal performance of your fleets/trucks making this the perfect long-term investment.  

Besides being aesthetically pleasing it also: 

  • Meets Health and Safety standards and floor flatness standards. 
  • Reduces trip hazards ensuring maximum safety for employees. 
  • Helps to deliver high productivity on larger areas.  
  • Reduces the damage to stock due to machines not lifting properly. 
  • Removes holes and imperfections. 
  • Results in a durable surface with few maintenance requirements. 
  • Flattens high spots or ridges before installing other types of flooring. 
  • Grinds down leftover hard coatings. 
  • Can remove a sealed surface. 

How long does it take to grind a concrete floor in a warehouse? 

The time it takes depends on many factors such as how large the surface area is, the number of repairs needed and the level of gloss or shine that you require. Variables such as the overall quality, strength of the concrete and how old the concrete is can also affect the ease of the job. As a rough estimate for a warehouse measuring 30,000 square feet this would take between half a day to a day to complete. However, this will be determined on your site survey.  

How much does it cost to grind an industrial concrete floor? 

Concrete grinding is quoted at a per square footage rate. Variables such as the size of the surface to grind, the amount of depth that needs polishing off and your preferred finish may reduce the cost. Also, the bigger the total floor space being ground the lower the per square foot cost will be. 

What tools do we use to grind your warehouse concrete floor? 

Here at Contact flooring we use a special type of floor grinder with diamond tips which generate a high-level finish. Diamond tip grinders are preferred as these are capable of producing that smooth, flat, swirl free finish. To the grinders we attach large industrial vacuum's with HEPA filters that suck up the concrete dust and keep it from going airborne. We use dry concrete floor grinders as the method is faster, more convenient and doesn’t leave behind the messy sludge often seen when wet grinding. Our grinders are recommended for most surfaces, particularly uneven floors. 

Before grinding your warehouse concrete floor

Once you have chosen to have your floor ground with us, call and we will arrange to send one of our experienced surveyors to site at a time that is convenient to you. At this appointment we will discuss your requirements, the process, a date which is suitable for the work to be carried out and email a quote to you by the following day. We will risk assess and send the relevant paperwork before the work begins. If required any repairs such as deep cracks or holes can be filled and ground.