Regenerate your existing concrete floor with Contact Flooring’s polished concrete flooring system! 

Diamond concrete floor polishing offers the perfect hardwearing flooring solution for use in industrial businesses. A seamless, strong, flat and durable floor are some of the benefits this type of reinforced flooring solution offers as well as providing a contemporary, bright aesthetically pleasing look to the workspace. Environment such as warehouses, factories, hospitals and shopping centres where flooring is prone to damage from exposure from extreme conditions such as heavy trafficking, high/low temperatures and large industrial vehicles will benefit from what this type of flooring offers. 

Diamond concrete polishing | The Process 

Diamond concrete polishing is a multi-step process that involves the top layers of the industrial concrete floor being mechanically ground and polished using diamond grinding wheels. The whole floor is ground multiple times with diamond tools that get progressively finer until the perfect level of polish and smoothness is attained. The floor grinder is attached to an industrial vacuum to ensure that any mess is eliminated. Existing damage to the floor is filled before grinding and chemical densifiers are injected into the pores of the concrete floor to increase its core strength and durability. Layers of concrete are ground from the floor along with any existing coatings until a unique speckled stone appearance is achieved. The concrete floor is then sealed with a sealant that not only strengthens and makes the floor more durable but also allows the concrete to breathe. 

Built to last! A reinforced robust indusrial concrete floor that will stand the test of time! 

Almost any concrete floor can be polished new or old. All floors are surveyed beforehand and repairs carried out on any floor damage prior to starting the job. The strong seamless nature of the flooring system means that the polished concrete is easy to look after and if maintained can last 20 plus years.  

Polished Diamond Concrete Flooring is becoming more popular in industrial settings and here is why: 

  • Durable, strong, robust and hardwearing 
  • Reduced energy costs with its bright, reflective properties. 
  • Cheaper maintenance costs than other flooring solutions 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Non-Slip 
  • Difficult to damage or scratch. 
  • Resistant to moisture 
  • Cheaper cost than other floor installation options  
  • Shiny, bright, smooth, light and pleasing to look at 
  • Seamless  

With the proper floor grinding equipment, materials and experience you can rest assured knowing that Contact Flooring provide the best possible service to all of our customers. Our skilled installation team and knowledgeable customer service staff ensure that the job gets done on time and on budget.